Reach Out
to Customers and Clients

Contribute to the success of your organization by advertising in Heritage Chorale concert program booklets. This season's outstanding programming promises to expand our audience and please our enthusiastic supporters.

The Chorale's primary source of funding is the money we raise from advertisers and from our annual Friends & Supporters Campaign. These contributions allow us to work with some of the area's finest musicians while offering concerts at very reasonable prices in convenient venues. They also help us thrive under Steven Lipsitt's direction, attracting new members and growing our audiences in the Metrowest area.

Look at prior program ads to get ideas for this year's ad.

Page Size Dimensions
(width  x  height)
Full  4.5” X 7” $250
Half 4.5” X 3.45” $150
Quarter 4.5” X 1.68” $85
Eighth 2.2” X 1.68” $45

Ad submission deadlines ensure effective integration of all ads into the layout of the Fall Concert and subsequent program booklets. The Chorale offers professional graphic design support to further ensure ad content looks well in the size and proportions of the ad that is purchased.

Let's all have a successful year, and fill it with glorious music shared with an ever-growing community of Metrowest music lovers.