2020 - 2021

Music Files

The Road Not Taken

Lo, How A Rose E’er Blooming 

How Can I Keep From Singing


Project Support

Contact the Chorale Webmaster with comments or questions.

General Information

Participation in Virtual Choir Projects

Any Chorale member may participate. No one is required to submit a recording. Every Chorale member will have the opportunity to sing the music linked from this page when it is part of a Chorale Zoom session or on their own.

Process Details

The concept of making a virtual choir video is simple ... separate recordings are blended into a single synced video. The devil is in the details. Since the Chorale has both experienced virtual choir singers and those that know little about this performance mode, instructions are being prepared (and will be linked to from this page) to help all Chorale members enjoy this "concert" experience of creating a virtual choir video.

"CLICK" /  Backing-track

Before being asked to create your own video-selfie, you will be given access to a video file known as a "click-track".  This is a video file that contains audio cues used to synchronize sound recordings. You will listen to it through earbuds or headphones (so the sound of it won't be heard on your recording) while singing your part. You'll hear "One, two, three, CLAP" at the beginning of the recording. DO clap or just say "Clap!" so that the each singer's recording can be synced when combined into the final virtual choir video.

Sing your part, with agreed-upon dynamics, phrasing, expression, etc., while matching the click-track in pitch and timing.