Vital to the Chorale are not only the many people that donate their time, talents, and resources each year, but also the organizations and businesses that help fund Heritage Chorale concert seasons. Grants from various Massachusetts Cultural Councils and contributions from a large group of Friends and Supporters, Advertisers, and a variety of other music-loving organizations in the Metrowest area help make each Season possible and successful.

Heritage Chorale's Monthly

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We are a group of people — often about 100 voices — who love to sing. We come from more than 30 Metrowest communities to continue a tradition more than 80 years old of producing beautiful music.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Heritage Chorale is to perform a wide variety of high quality choral music and inspire in ourselves and our audience a greater love and understanding of music. We are committed to enriching the lives of singers, audiences, and our communities through education, performance, and collaboration.



Volunteer members of the Chorale serve on an elected Board of Directors and manage day-to-day and concert responsibilities, including development, finance, governance, membership, production, marketing, and programming activites.


• President | Laura Helliwell
• Treasurer | Janet Buerklin
• Clerk | Liz Borths


• Steven Lipsitt


Member dues provide a small part of the funds needed for each Concert Season. To finance the exceptional quality of annual choral productions, the Chorale depends on income from ticket sales, contributions, advertisements, various fund raising activities, and grants from local companies and cultural councils.